Overnight Pet/House Sitting

starting at $75 and up 

This service provides feeding, pet sitter sleeping over (8 p.m. till 5:30 a.m.)brining in mail upon request, all packages and advertisement will be brought in as well.

at a additional cost you can add a walk or potty break mid day if your dog is not able to get out and relieve him or herself. 

      Kristy's TLC  offers the following professional and Trusted services

Potty Breaks $15

This services is perfect for potty training,

dogs indoors or created that can't let themselves out to go to the bathroom. It's 10 minutes long just enough time for your fur child to take care of business.

Dog Walking

prices vary depending on location, time of walk and how many dogs.

A back Yard is Not enough because while we are away what is it that they are doing? yep waiting for you at the back door.

Is your dog barking a lot, High energy, do you live in a apartment or condo ?Do you work LONG hours and your pooch is feeling alone and neglected? Perhaps in need of weight loss? Then Hiring a dog walker is exactly what your beloved Fur child needs. Dog walking helps with ALL of theses issues and so much more.

We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute walks.

from June 10th thru Sept 1 walks are provided 7am-10am and evenings

DisclaimerMy team and I only walk Non aggressive dogs!

Pet Sitting Services

Price varies depending on location, number of pets, and what all the job entails.

This service includes: Feeding for all animals( dogs, cats, birds, livestock, and reptiles), empty out dirty and refill with fresh water, cat litter boxes cleaned, give medications and or Insulin to diabetic Dogs and Cats, and of course some TLC to help with their sadness of you being away.  Upon request you can receive daily texts from your pet sitter