Kristy's TLC Animal Care Services Offered

  Home Dog & Cat Boarding         Is your fur baby ready for their sleep over? I am allowed up to 8 fur babies on my rental at any given time.. I have a good size back yard where your pups get to play with and make new friends. If your dog doesn't play well with others he or she will go out with me one on one. For dogs safety they are created (unless during your pups stay he or she is the only one being boarded then free roaming of dog room will be allowed). Therefore if your dog isn't used to being kenneled my home may not be the right fit. Boarding requirements:  MUST be Under 50lbs, Males must be Neutered, Current on Vaccinations, Non Aggressive for the safety of me and my family.

Excessive barkers will not be allowed back!

when you come to drop off your babies for their sleep over Please bring the following: Current shot record, Food and food + water bowls, bed and or blanket, medication, and favorite toys. If you have your dogs own crate that would be great.  Nightly text will be sent upon request.
$45 a night Ask about mulitple dog or extended stay discounted rates!                 

Pet Sitting Services

This service is provided in the comfort and safety of the pets homes! It includes:

  •  Feeding for all animals Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Livestock, Birds, and Fish 
  • Fresh water
  • Litterbox Scooped 
  • Dogs get 25 minute yard time or a 20 minute walk. 

Both Dogs and Cats get cuddles and love. 

Clients receive daily text or email updates for peace of mind.

                   Price List

Cats/Small animals $25 per visitPrice is based on up to 3 cats and Under 10 miles from zip  code 92882. Each additonal Feline friend is $3

Dog Sitting $30 per visit

Price based on up to 2 dogs/ under 10 miles from zip code 92882 each additional four legged friend is $5

Livestock$35 per visit  within 10 miles of 92882 

Dog Walking

Why Your Dog Needs A Daily Walk

Walking provides Exercise and Mental Stimulation. 

Walking your dog regularly provides a basic foundation for physical and mental health. Like a child, your dog wants to know the world. I your pup is confined to the house far too long your dog WILL get boared, and boredom can lead to destructive behavior both inside the home and in the yard.

    Price List 

$25 for 1 dog 30 minutes under 10 miles of 92882 

$32 for 1 dog 45 minutes under 10 miles of 92882 

$40 for 1 dog on a hour under 10 miles of 92882

  • Each adittional dog is $7.
  • Ask about monthly scheduled walks 3 or more times week